Graduate EMBA in Health Care (SHG-WUM).

Hello Enthusiasts of All Physical Activity

During the defense of my MBA thesis, I experienced an unusual mix of feelings: mostly excitement and pride. I spent many years earning this honor, studying, working and developing professionally.
I was finally able to show the world the results of my hard work.

Although I was full of stress before the defense, I found that reaching that summit and looking back at the entire path I had traveled had instilled in me an extraordinary sense of pride. I felt a sense of accomplishment as I stood before the esteemed committee, knowing that I was ready to defend my work before such distinguished Experts.

I was also full of emotion when I presented the findings in front of my Family and close Friends.

I know that it was not only my individual journey....

This is the journey of all those who supported and motivated me.

I felt grateful for their support and proud that I was able to prove that thanks to and their help, I was able to achieve my goal.
In addition, I thank you for the enormous amount of patience you had with me during this intense and stressful time.

The entire defense process was very emotionally intense, but it was extremely rewarding to see the committee appreciate my research, my knowledge and skills. This is a great honor for me and proof that the approach I took during my studies was valuable and brought results.

In conclusion, the defense of my MBA thesis was full of emotion and pride. It was a challenging and stressful moment, but also an opportunity to thank those who supported me, and an experience that will forever remind me of my growth and achievements.

And all this, mainly to translate my knowledge and learning into even more effective work with you.

I thank you with all my heart for everything.

Stay alert!

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