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I use science to improve the health and lives of my patients!

I am a doctor of biological sciences in biophysics with in-depth education in the area of clinical and sports dietetics.

Throw me to the wolves and I'll come back commanding the PACK!

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I am happy to answer questions from my patients. The answers are published on my website in the questions & answers section.
Dr. Ing. (PhD, EMBA) Piotr Kaczka

Bodybuilding enthusiast combining scientific knowledge and experience

You'll understand what bodybuilding is to me when you associate it with the first thing you think about when you open your eyes in the morning and the last thing just before you go to sleep, which electrifies, disturbs but also calms you down. It makes you energetic, soothes (...)

Consulting for business / B2B

A wide range of services always tailored to the individual needs of my clients:

Comprehensive R&D consulting for products in the categories of dietary supplements, functional foods, medical devices and medicinal products

Including their effective marketing and sales and human resource management in these areas, as well as entire advertising campaigns for new products.

Dietary Supplements / Foods for Special Medical Purposes / Medical Devices

  • consultations on the marketability of the product in question,
  • Product registration in the Polish market (GIS notifications) and in selected foreign markets,
  • Preparation of the necessary documents required for product notification,
  • Assistance in the preparation of attractive (based on behavioral finance psychotechnics) labels that comply with current regulations
  • Medicinal Products

  • Regulatory Affairs Consulting,
  • conducting registration procedures for Medicinal Products
  • On behalf of the responsible entity,
  • conducting re-registrations,
  • Development of selected sections of registration documentation.
  • life science

    Dietary, training, supplementation and endocrinology care

    Comprehensive, personalized dietary, training, supplementation and endocrinological care for physically active people (professionals and amateurs). For those wishing to enjoy full health!

    A well-planned diet is the cure for all diseases

    Diet, but only a personalized one, based on the latest literature, is effective and is the basis for the success of any athlete or physically inactive person.

    Well-arranged, it is a cure-all for all diseases and disorders in the body and gives a pass to the effective use of training programs, supplementation and pharmacological support (if necessary).


    Training arranged for physical and time capabilities

    Training selected for the patient's training goal, arranged for the physical and time capabilities of the person concerned, supervised by a certified instructor of bodybuilding class II.

    Always demanding and slightly exceeding the patient's expectations to achieve a sustainable training goal as soon as possible. Impeccable technique is his quintessence, which is conveyed during personal training sessions.

    Supplementation fully assimilated in terms of diet plan goals

    Supplementation always compiled on products of the highest quality, safety, based on ingredients free of banned doping or not approved for use Fully assimilated in terms of the objectives of the diet plan and increase its effectiveness.

    Highest effectiveness with minimal side effects

    Pharmacology (applies to men and women) is to help restore the body's equilibrium after unskillful use of prohibited doping, guidance in the appropriate (highest effectiveness with minimal side effects) use of pharmacological agents under the supervision of an experienced doctor only.

    The health and satisfaction of patients always comes first for me!

    The best evidence of my work is the results - the satisfaction of my patients. Below are customer reviews from Google.

    Patient feedback



    based on 22 opinions

    Sebastian Gilowski
    Verified ownerVerified owner
    2 weeks ago
    Arnold K.
    Verified ownerVerified owner

    Well ticked 😉

    4 months ago
    Monica C.
    Verified ownerVerified owner

    The product itself is difficult for me to evaluate because I have only been using it for less than a week.

    5 months ago
    Maciej T.
    Verified ownerVerified owner

    I tested the product and working 12/24 hours, and during endurance training. Very cool effect of focus, "fresh head" and pushing back fatigue. I recommend.

    6 months ago
    Arnold Kucharski
    Verified ownerVerified owner

    Simple and effective composition. Meets expectations in 100%

    6 months ago

    Steel Durance

    Based on 99 opinions
    Grzegorz Skowron
    The mine of knowledge that Mr. Peter possesses is astounding. Full professionalism presented, great professional competence, at the same time super work culture and great common sense approach in every subject. Chapeau bas. From my side great appreciation. I quote the famous fitness maxim, which finds its honorable , important place here: "If you learn, then from the best'' . As much as possible it is worth to educate yourself from him. I recommend. Best of all. Man Mentor here he is. He reminds me very much of my sports idols - intelligent coaches with great knowledge, whom I admire and respect. With his hard , diligent work, wisdom and education he deserves this worthy title.💪💪💪💪👍 Besides, he is so nicely athletic and has great strength and enterprise in him. Super coach with a capital T. And this keeps us motivated and able to take action and build our own form brick by brick.
    Rafal Kozlowski
    Mr. Peter mega prepared factually and practically.I recommend because really the guy has talent and heart:)
    Pawel Pieczonka
    I recommend as much as possible!!!
    Miki Miki
    Full professionalism !!!
    Monika Czajkowska-Tomaszewska
    "I recommend to everyone who is looking for reliable and competent help. He is truly an expert in his profession."
    Very interesting and factual lectures during the Poznań Game Arena 2024 event. A solid portion of knowledge that I hope will change the outlook of gaming and esports fans on health and nutrition issues.
    David Piach
    The first time I saw Mr. Peter at the PGA event, he gave a lecture on diets among players. In my opinion, one of the best performances! A mega number of people came to listen to what Mr. Peter has to say on the subject, and I am sure that most of those present are now obeserving Mr. Peter's profile on instagram and want to change their unhealthy habits.
    Kacper Pusztuk
    Complete professionalism, great knowledge and even greater passion!!! 🙂
    Maximilian Groszek
    I have been in the industry for many years I am a very demanding customer and a competitive athlete, I use the advice of many specialists This is the first time I have met with a very substantive, and at the same time practical and effective solution to my problems, and the approach and understanding of the needs of the customer is at a level not achieved by others. I sincerely recommend!

    Interview with Dr. Piotr Kaczka on TVP

    An artificial gastrointestinal tract to help test the bioavailability of dietary supplements. Enables the study of microbiota, which regulates physiological processes in the body.
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    Ask a question

    I am happy to answer questions from my patients. The answers are published on my website in the questions & answers section.

    Throw me to the wolves and I'll come back commanding the PACK!